Friday, October 8, 2010

Faces of the A-10

Getting To Know: Kelly Rae Wright

Kelly Rae Wright
       Kelly Rae Wright  

Kelly Rae Wright is a freshman from Norfolk, Virginia where she achieved first team all-region and all-district accomplishments. She also was an honorable mention for the all-state team and looks forward to bringing her contributions to the Explorers.

Why did you choose La Salle? I chose La Salle because I was interested in going to a small, close-knit school and playing Field Hockey.
Describe yourself in one word: Energetic.
Why did you pick your jersey number? It's been my number since middle school; I didn't want to break the streak.
One phrase to describe Coach Marks? Always willing to help.
What are your off the field hobbies and interests? Beach, surfing, viola.
What is the best advice you ever received? Go with your gut. Be truthful to yourself.
Who is your funniest teammate? Kelly Meehan (Shmee)
Favorite vacation spot? Costa Rica.
Quick Hits
Favorite place to eat: Mi Hogar.
Movie: Sweet Home Alabama.
TV show: Grey's Anatomy.
Band/group/singer: Sugarland.
A-10 place to play: Richmond.
Pro sports team: Eagles.
Athlete: Brian Westbrook.
La Salle team to watch other than field hockey: Soccer.

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